The 1969 Ford Mustang

When it comes to classic cars, a lot of people will repeatedly point to the 1969 Mustang. People of America will always support what is American-built, and the Mustang is one of the pride and joys of America. This car is pure American muscle and people spend 6 figures and more to own a piece of this history.

The 1969 mustang was part of the first generation mustang and added more body to the car than before. The length was extended around 3.8 inches and the width was increased by almost half an inch. The 1969 Mustang was the first model of Mustang to use quad head lamps placed on both inside and outside the grille opening. This

Mustang also saw the introduction of the Mach 1, which was a variety of power plants options and many new styling and performance features under the hood...

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Why People Love Classic Cars

The automobile industry changed the way we traveled in the early twentieth century. Instead of riding a horse to the nearest grocery store, we were now able to jump into a vehicle and travel further distances faster, while being able to carry more with us (i.e. family, food, and belongings). Of course, those early vehicles weren’t considered “classics” at this time. It wasn’t until many years later that these vehicles would be known as “classics”. Over the years, classic cars helped pave the way to the society we now enjoy.

Even though we no longer produce cars like the Model T or the 1970 Pontiac GTO, you can still find them running strong. Of course, this is because classic car collectors and restorers are keeping the dream alive...

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Where to Find Classic Car Parts

If you are on the lookout for a cheap and simple weekend project that is going to imbue you with a sense of accomplishment for a job done perfectly, then get a plastic model of a Chevy. With a classic car project you are looking at thousands of dollars, spending hundreds of hours working and shouts from your garage that would put a sailor to blush. The hard part is knowing where to find the parts you need for these intricate projects. With the right parts, you will have a full size model of that plastic Chevy, without them? You have a pile of trash.

If you are ready to take on your first classic car project, or just need to know a few spots to look for parts, then you’re in the right place, We have compiled a few places for you to look for those critical and sometimes hard to find parts to...

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What Makes a Car a Classic?

To know what makes a car a classic, you’ll have to know what classic really means.

  1. Of the first or highest quality, class, or rank.
  2. Serving as a standard, model, or guide.
  3. Of enduring interest, quality, or style.


Okay, so there is the technical definition. Now, here is the more commonly accepted definition. A classic song, piece of clothing, a car, they all share some basic similarities: they haven’t changed a lot, they are desirable, and they are old. Their desirability is generally stable; it’s not simply a fad that no one will remember in five years. Classic-ness is a sort of measure of an objects desirability, besides usability and trendiness, being a classic is about being wanted.


Of course, there are many fa...

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Highest Priced Classic Cars

Even the most enthusiastic classic car aficionados know that there are cars, and then there are CARS. There are regular cars, the ones we use to take our kids to baseball practice, the car we use to pick up our weekly groceries and haul home furniture. For the most part they are very reliable, practical vehicles that are totally utilitarian and well, boring. Then there is that rarity, the automobile that provides so much more than just a ride to the doctor.

  • Cars that are close to being a mobile work of art.
  • Cars that seem like madness sitting on four rubber tires in your garage under a protective covering.
  • Cars that glorify speed, luxury and the miracles of engineering and performance.

For as long as automobiles have been around, there have been cars like this...

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Best American Cities for Classic Cars

If you check out any forum, Facebook fan page or chat room where the car enthusiasts gather and you will find that the most common thread is the feeling that it is getting really hard to tell all of these new cars apart. Whether you feel the same or not, it is always kind of fun to see the older classic cars mixing in with the new Priuses and Suburbans. Certain cities in the United States seem to have more classic cars; maybe it’s just a perfect mixture of reverence for classic cars, culture, roads and climate. Here are five of the most classic car friendly cities in America, where you will see a lot of amazing cars.


Sure it seems to be an obvious pick, with the whole Motor City thing and all, but it is a well-earned one...

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